Focaccia Genovese Croccante

“You can’t think well, love well, sleep well, unless you’ve eaten well”
Virginia Woolf

Tall, majestic palazzi, shaded paving stones, a constant sea breeze, far off the light of the “lanterna”; this is Genoa. Often, you will smell an unmistakeable perfume, which leads you to the bakery it comes from. For the Genoese, the focaccia is not just an appetizer; it is almost a sacred habit, a rite which accompanies them from their very first steps and throughout their lives.

The Crafts Laboratory Il Borgo puts a corner of Liguria on Italian and European tables, keeping the tradition intact and using natural raw materials of Italian origin; first among these, extra-virgin olive oil, the only kind which can give the Genoese the typical flavour which satisfies taste and warms the heart.


spiga di grano


Il Borgo opened in 2013, when it first made its delicious crisp Genoese focaccia. Ever since, the Crafts Laboratory has been keeping the tradition alive, while at the same time keeping an eye on innovation: products are processed by hand, but using modern instruments and technologies. Thanks to passion, top quality raw materials and bakery owner Igor Ravera’s constant work to perfect the recipes, Il Borgo’s crisp focaccia has won over even the most refined and demanding gourmets.

spiga di grano


Craftsmanship and the search for the best quality raw materials are always the ingredients of all our recipes; we only use natural products of Italian origin; we choose the best flour; we mix the right proportions, to obtain a perfect balance between force and elasticity. The Craftsman only wants the best, the Gold: extra-virgin olive oil, which gives the unmistakeable flavour of Ligurian tradition; he is patient; he rolls out the mix and waits the time slow rising takes, as long as sixteen hours; he makes his own mark on each piece; the focaccia is entirely worked by hand, cooked and left to dry in our laboratory. The result is excellence: each focaccia is cut up at the end of the cooking process and the characteristic little “pits” on its beehive pattern make it unique and special.

This is the simple, marvellous fugassa de Zena.

rosmarino cipolle


Lightweight and crisp, our focacce come in four different and tasty recipes: they are a lovely and natural snack which enriches our table. You can eat them by themselves, or accompanied by cheese, cold cults or appetisers of every kind. We suggest the flavour shock of the famous “focaccia in cappuccino”, the ultimate in a Genoese breakfast: the blend between sweet and salt is a pleasant combination, which caresses one’s taste buds.

Il Borgo offers two different packages: 250 g for speciality shops, in areas dedicated to bakery products; 150 g, a smaller and more marketable format but with the same properties.


spiga di grano

Via Vallecalda 94
16013 Campo Ligure
Genova – ITALY – phone +39 010 9219009

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Parte dei nuovi macchinari utilizzati dall'impresa è stato cofinanziato con le risorse del POR FESR Liguria 2014/2020

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